The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library is the world's only librarian-attired, indie ensemble-pop act featuring intricately constructed, tongue-in-cheek tortuous songs with an emphasis on narrative. The Library was selected as a CBS best local rock band 2013, in part because of involvement in numerous multimedia projects and collaborations including Faith in Free - an original live rock ballet performance at Dorchester’s historic Strand Theatre with BalletRox, The Art-Music Exchange - a collaboration with 5 visual artists creating songs based on visual works and visual works based on songs, 37 songs written to celebrate each of the speakers at TEDxSomerville 2012 and 2014, and a continuing two-season run as the house band at the nationally franchised Encyclopedia Show Somerville. The Library has recorded several albums, live sessions for Daytrotter, Laundromatinee, Sleepover Shows, and Kitchen Sessions, and made short films (A Brief History of Flight, Los Locos Trilogy).


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